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Crashdown Butterfly’s “Near Life Experience” EP and video released!

So, yeah…everything is weird right now. Coronavirus, isolation, dystopia, paranoia, what have you. In the grand scheme of things, our new EP and video are probably less than a blip on the radar of importance…BUT, perhaps they will bring some mildly spicy momentary distraction. And so, minus drumroll…minus the ability to play live or do an album release show…we present our latest offering: the “Near Life Experience” EP, and title track video to boot!

The new EP is available in all the usual digital outlets, including SpotifyApple MusicAmazon Music Unlimited and more. You can also grab a download and read more detailed information about the album over at OrangePants Records and visit our media page for more dirt.

Video filmed/edited by Steve Rydgren of Imaginessence. Thanks to David Miller and Craig Hilling for playing the mad doctors, and to Dane Vance Creek for playing the ambiguously evil hooded figure.