Near Life Experience (EP)

Crashdown Butterfly’s “Near Life Experience” EP is available in all the usual digital outlets, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and more. You can also grab a download and read more detailed information about the album over at OrangePants Records.

Near Life Experience EP
The first song, “Blood Mars”, is a standalone sketch wherein an aging adult film star ruminates over past experiences and career choices on a bed of impressionistic outer space imagery.

The final three songs, “Near Life Experience (Hospital Scene Part I)”, “Loud As Lightning (Hospital Scene Part II)”, and “Waking Up (Hospital Scene Part III)” are a mini concept album/short story about a fellow who has what he believes to be a near death experience. While on this journey (or hallucination), he dies possibly from a drug overdose and visits an arguably superior dimension in which he fights to stay. Ultimately, he returns to his body, waking up bewildered and angry that he was forced to return and trying to rationalize the fever out of the fever dream.

Check out the video for the song “Near Life Experience (Hospital Scene Part I)”:

Video filmed/edited by Steve Rydgren of Imaginessence. Thanks to David Miller and Craig Hilling for playing the mad doctors, and to Dane Vance Creek for playing the ambiguously evil hooded figure.

A Crow Without A Murder (Single)

Crashdown Butterfly’s debut single, “A Crow Without A Murder”, dedicated to the legacy and memory of Chris Cornell 1964 – 2017.

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A Crow Without A Murder

On the take Clair de Lune lies the snake
The blood runs cold in town
Cancel check out of tune limo wreck
A king has left his crown
Swam past the breakers
Sent the anchor down
The piper calls the wailing walls and singing stones
Feel so alive and so alone

A crow without a murder
A solitary black the lack arrives
A blow a soul deserter
Stay the sound the voice of angels
Don’t wanna let you go
The more they guess is the less we know
The storm is high let the funnel show
Surely you jest but we look to the nest
We’ll be riding your broken wings for the rest
Of our lives

New the dawn so renowned switch it on
The stage is ever set
Eighty proof let me drown ugly truth
The tears not to forget
Kickstand the takers
Flick the cigarette
The weeping tiles the sullen smiles of friends and knaves
Our feet are washed beneath your wave

A crow without a murder
A solitary black attack of knives
To know can’t help but hurt her
Slay the sound the noise of strangles
Don’t wanna let you go
This more or less is the mess we know
The storm is nigh let the funnel show
Gave it your best but we look to the west
We’ll be riding the songs you sing for the rest
Of our lives

Sun on the rain again
Solo flyer
We’ll hear you now and then
On the wire

A crow without a murder


Ira Merrill………………………..Vocals/Guitar/Bass on this recording (but Bob Lyman plays bass live)
Steve Gale………………………Drums
David Miller…………………….Guitar/Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Don Farwell at Earwig Studio
Mastered by Levi Seitz at Blackbelt Mastering

“A Crow Without A Murder”
© & Ⓟ 2017 Ira Merrill Music, BMI

Check out the video for the song “A Crow Without A Murder”:

Video filmed and directed by Brinn Dwyer, and edited by Ira Merrill. Thanks to Quentin Little for starring in the cigarette flicking scene, and to Jodi and Seattle Rehearsal for allowing us to film in the building.