Crashdown Butterfly’s “Near Life Experience” EP and video released!

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So, yeah…everything is weird right now. Coronavirus, isolation, dystopia, paranoia, what have you. In the grand scheme of things, our new EP and video are probably less than a blip on the radar of importance…BUT, perhaps they will bring some mildly spicy momentary distraction. And so, minus drumroll…minus the ability to play live or do an album release show…we present our latest offering: the “Near Life Experience” EP, and title track video to boot!

The new EP is available in all the usual digital outlets, including SpotifyApple MusicAmazon Music Unlimited and more. You can also grab a download and read more detailed information about the album over at OrangePants Records and visit our media page for more dirt.

Video filmed/edited by Steve Rydgren of Imaginessence. Thanks to David Miller and Craig Hilling for playing the mad doctors, and to Dane Vance Creek for playing the ambiguously evil hooded figure.

Photos From Crashdown Show @ Louie G’s 01.17.2020

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Some shots from the Crashdown Butterfly show @ Louie G’s, January 17, 2020.

Crashdown Butterfly Plays Friday January 17, 2020 @ Louie G’s

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Crashdown Butterfly w/Soul Instinct, Hands of Deliverance, The Cleanse, and Kill Closet. Friday, January 17, 2020. $10 at the door @ Louie G’s. We go on second! Facebook event link and details:

Louie G’s Fri, Jan 17th
8:00-8:30……….…………Soul Instinct
8:40-9:10……..Crashdown Butterfly
9:20-9:50……Hands of Deliverance
10:00-10:30…….…….…..The Cleanse
10:40-11:15……………………Kill Closet

Earwig Fest 8 @ Slim’s Last Chance in Georgetown

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We had a great time playing Earwig Fest 8 last weekend! This is an annual showcase of bands that record with Don Farwell at his fantastic Earwig Studio in Wallingford, Seattle, WA. More to come, but here shots from the show (captured by Sharon Chang):

Crashdown Butterfly w/Cheap Trick, Warrant, Dokken, Saliva and more at Rockin’ The Rivers Music Festival in MT

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Hey, this is exciting – we were added to the Rockin’ The Rivers Music Festival in Montana in August along with Cheap Trick, Saliva, Warrant, Dokken, Lou Gramm, The Guess Who, Zakk Wylde and a bunch of great cover bands and local Montana bands! We play Saturday, August 10th at 10:30am on the “Upper Stage”. All the info about the festival can be found at:

Photos From Crashdown Show @ Slim’s Last Chance 12.14.2018

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A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the show last Friday – it was our first time at Slim’s Last Chance and we had a great time. Subways On The Sun and Sam Cobra were also on the bill, and rocked our faces off. Photos courtesy of Steve Rydgren of Imaginessence.

Website Launched, Single and Video Released, Debut Show Saturday Aug 26th

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So, what does that headline up there say? Ah, yes. We launched our website, recorded a song we’re pretty stoked about, made a video for it, and we’re about to play our debut show (more about that later).

Crashdown Butterfly’s first single, “A Crow Without A Murder”, is dedicated to the legacy and memory of Chris Cornell 1964 – 2017, although the song’s subject matter wasn’t really intentional.

I didn’t know Chris, but he was a fellow student of my voice teacher way back when, and many of my friends knew him and worked with him and Soundgarden from the very early days (obviously I’m from Seattle). Shortly after he passed, I would talk to some of those friends and there was just this intense sadness and missing… Like many Soundgarden fans, I began to revisit and absorb a lot of the early albums as well as the re-issue of Ultramega OK, which my friend Jack re-mixed. All of this began to stir some emotions and a strange sense of urgency in me – like, “What can I do? I have to DO something.” I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt that – or the only one to pick up a guitar because of it.

One day shortly after Chris’ passing, my girlfriend and I were walking around Greenlake and came upon a solitary crow on a branch, to which she said something akin to, “It’s really unusual to see a crow without their murder.” I immediately thought, “Wow, that could be worked into a song title…” (thanks Emily). All of the aforementioned stuff about Chris was rattling around in my head, and he always seemed rather crow-like and mysterious to me…perhaps even a bit of a loner (although, again, I did not know him – just the songs and public persona). I had been kicking around some heavy music with a more melodic ending, and the lyrics kind of wrote themselves in less than an hour. It felt a little uncomfortable, but I went with it.

This is entirely a work of fiction complete with blurry lines, fragmented images and a few Soundgarden titles used as a (hopefully non-cheesy) nod to the band’s influence. For whatever the other side may hold, the song imagines that someday, perhaps, we’ll occasionally hear the essence of Chris and his voice via a crow on a wire.

As a fan, the way this song turned out has been cathartic for me, so my hope is it may be for others as well. Lyrics are on the media page, and you can grab the track from OrangePants Records.

Crashdown Butterfly w/Blue Helix and The Adarna Saturday Aug 26th @ High Dive in Seattle

Crashdown Butterfly’s debut show is Saturday, August 26th @ High Dive with Blue Helix and The Adarna.

– Ira

PS: Here are some fascinating facts about crows courtesy of our fine friends at PBS.